About Me

Jordan Kopy is the author of the THEODORA HENDRIX series. Her debut novel, THEODORA HENDRIX AND THE MONSTROUS LEAGUE OF MONSTERS, came out 1st October, 2020 and is available via the link below or wherever good books are sold.

A born and raised New Yorker, Jordan now makes her home in London, U.K., with her husband and poorly behaved (but lovable) cat. A financial services professional by day, Jordan spends her nights with ghouls, witches, and the occasional wicked hag. Jordan is currently writing the second installation in the THEODORA HENDRIX SERIES.

A Note From Jordan Kopy:

As far back as I can remember, I have had a love affair with stories – books, plays, movies, you name it! I love disappearing into a tale, travelling to new places and meeting new people…All without ever leaving my couch! And nine years ago, I decided I didn’t just want to just write stories – I wanted to create them. So, I did:

My first book took three years to write. When I finished, I didn’t celebrate, or start editing; I threw out the entire draft – it just wasn’t very good. But I wasn’t discouraged – quite the opposite! I started over. Two years later, when I finished my second draft, I still didn’t celebrate, or start editing…But I didn’t throw it out, either. This one, I thought, just needed some tweaking. But where to begin? I wasn’t sure, so I decided to set it aside for a bit until I figured it out. And what did I do next?

I wrote another book, of course – a book called THEODORA HENDRIX AND THE MONSTROUS LEAGUE OF MONSTERS. And this time, when I finished the draft I did celebrate, I did start editing. Six months later I signed with the Madeleine Milburn TV, Film, and Literary Agency and three months after that I signed a three-book deal with Walker Books. It was a wonderful and surreal moment.

Why have I told you all of this? Because if there’s one thing I’d like you to know about me, it’s that I’m a firm believer in never giving up on your dreams. And perhaps that’s why I like to write stories about characters who are brave and bold and willing to fight for what they believe in – characters like Theodora Hendrix.  

The character of Theodora Hendrix popped into my early one morning, fully formed: she had bright red hair in want of brushing, a healthy disregard for the rules, and a found family that she would do anything to protect – even if it meant going to live with an evil hag. I got out of bed, made a cup of coffee, and started writing. The story poured out of my fingertips faster than ever before; by the time my husband got up an hour later I had already written five pages. I like to think the words came so easily because I had finally cracked the “secret” to writing: the more you write, the easier it becomes to write. My perseverance paid off, just as Theodora’s does. And my hope for you, reader, is that you, too, persevere – may you never give up on your dreams!

Thanks for letting me share this with you. I hope you enjoying reading THEODORA HENDRIX AND THE MONSTROUS LEAGUE OF MONSTERS as much as I enjoyed writing it!

– Jordan Kopy


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