Books by Jordan Kopy

THEODORA HENDRIX AND THE MONSTROUS LEAGUE OF MONSTERS is available for purchase here (U.K.) or here (U.S.), or wherever good books are sold!

Theodora Hendrix isn’t your average ten-year-old. Her best friend is a talking, top hat-wearing tarantula. She reads tarot cards (a gift from Georgie, a guitar-playing, kitten-cuddling, cotton-candy-eating zombie). Oh, and she lives in a haunted mansion full of monsters.

Yes, monsters.

Theodora was just a baby when Georgie rescued her from a hobgoblin-infested graveyard and delivered her to the Monstrous League of Monsters (the MLM for short). The kind-hearted monsters vote to keep Theodora, risking Headquarters’ wrath if they’re ever discovered. They get away with it, too – until a series of anonymous letters coated in earwax threaten to expose them to Headquarters. As the monsters race to identify the letter-writer Theodora takes matters into her own hands, hatching a simple – no, clever – no, brilliant plan. If she fails, her beloved monsters will rot in the dank prisons of Transylvania. Forever. But if she succeeds, Theodora will lose her own freedom. Forever.

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