Prologue Reading: “Theodora Hendrix and the Curious Case of the Cursed Beetle” (“Theodora Hendrix Book 2”)

So excited to share that “THEODORA HENDRIX AND THE CURIOUS CASE OF THE CURSED BEETLE”, the 2nd book in the “Theodora Hendrix” series, is available from Thursday wherever good books are sold! (Links & description below). To celebrate, here’s a video of author Jordan Kopy performing a reading of the prologue. Enjoy!

Author Jordan Kopy performing a reading of the prologue of Book 2 in the “Theodora Hendrix” series,

You can purchase a copy here in the UK:

Or here in the US:


If you think monsters don’t exist, just ask Theodora Hendrix. The second in a brilliantly funny new series, perfect for fans of Amelia Fang.

After facing down an evil hag, a thieving skele-crow and an army of the undead, ten-year-old Theodora Hendrix is certain she can handle anything – that is, until she meets the unpleasant Inspector Shelley and her even more unpleasant pet rat. Shelley and Ratsputin have come to spy on the MLM, and are determined to make trouble at every turn. Then Theodora makes a discovery of her own: a cursed beetle. She needs to destroy it without attracting the attention of the inspector – and fast. The stakes couldn’t be higher: if Theodora fails, her beloved monster family will rot in the dankest, darkest prisons of Transylvania…

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