Day 2: Theodora Hendrix’s Monstrous Halloween Bash

For Day 2 of Theodora Hendrix’s Monstrous Halloween Bash, author Jordan Kopy shares a few of her original sketches from THEODORA HENDRIX AND THE MONSTROUS LEAGUE OF MONSTERS and talks about how sketching characters and settings drives her approach to world building:

Question: Have you always been interested in drawing?

Answer: Yes! I have always enjoyed consuming and creating art, including drawing. I used to (and still do!) love going to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. My mom would take me and my sister for the day. We would wander around, losing ourselves in paintings that were so lifelike I was half-convinced the subjects were going to step out of their frames! When we got home, I would invariably request paper and colored pencils, and would draw to my heart’s content.

Q: Do you draw often?

A: Not as often as I’d like! I tend to do most of my drawing when I’m starting a new novel, sketching the different characters, the setting, the map of the fictional world I’m creating (which is especially useful for fantasy) etc. I do paint on occasion, though – it’s a good stress reliever!

Q: Can you tell us more about how drawing helps with your worldbuilding?

A: Sure! My writing tends to be very visual. As such, it’s important that I clearly visualize my characters and settings; I need to have a clear picture in my head as the writer, so that I can convey a clear picture to you as the reader – I want you to see what I see! If I’m struggling to fully realize a character or setting, I find it helps to sketch them out. It’s an unexpected – and enjoyable! – alternative to writer’s block.

Q: Can you share a few of your original sketches with us?

A: Sure can! They’re not especially polished – just quick, rough little sketches to get me back on track when I’m stuck – but they were fun to do!

Jordan Kopy’s original sketch of Bandit, the vampire-cat
Jordan Kopy’s original sketch of a couple of very naughty werewolf cubs
Jordan Kopy’s original sketch of the MLM mansion

Q: How did you find the experience of working with an illustrator?

A: It was wonderful! The illustrator of THEODORA HENDRIX AND THE MONSTROUS LEAGUE OF MONSTERS, Chris Jevons, is incredibly talented. His work is truly exceptional – I want him to teach me how it’s done! It was so exciting to see my characters brought to life: at times, my jaw dropped because what he’d drawn was exactly what I’d described. We have a highly collaborative partnership, and are both eager to get started on Book 2! You can see some of Chris’ illustrations below, and can learn more about him and his work here.

Chris Jevons’ illustration of Bandit the vampire-cat hunting some unsuspecting vampire-mice
Chris Jevons’ illustration of a playdate gone a little bit wrong
Chris Jevons’ illustration of the MLM mansion

We hope you enjoyed hearing about Jordan’s approach to worldbuilding. Don’t forget to check back here tomorrow – we have something wickedly fun planned for Day 3 of Theodora Hendrix’s Monstrous Halloween Bash!

THEODORA HENDRIX AND THE MONSTROUS LEAGUE OF MONSTERS is available here or wherever good books are sold.

THEODORA HENDRIX AND THE MONSTROUS LEAGUE OF MONSTERS is available online and in bookstores now

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