Theodora Hendrix’s Monstrous Halloween Bash

We’ve got something really exciting happening on the blog this week: Theodora Hendrix’s Monstrous Halloween Bash, a week-long celebration of all things spooky! We’ll be sharing some spooktacular stories, videos, recipes, and more!

To kick things off, Jordan is sharing a short story she wrote for A Little But a Lot, a fabulous book review blog. In this spooky tale, Jordan recounts the time she thought she saw a vampire when she was eight…

“Monsters are real, Papa.”

“Hm,” my grandfather replies. He isn’t looking at me, but cutting off the tops of a handful of strawberries and placing them around a small mound of sugar, my favorite.

“They are,” I insist. “I saw one last night. A vampire.”

“Hm,” my grandfather repeats.

We’ve had this conversation many times. I know he doesn’t believe me – no grown-up does – but I also know what I saw:

I’d been lying in bed, wide awake. It was dark except for the sliver of moonlight streaming in through the window. I was bored; my mom caught me reading under the covers and took my flashlight, and now I had nothing to do but watch the shadows dance along the walls. I should have brought a back-up – schoolgirl error. It was then that I heard it…

Read the rest of the story here.

Don’t forget to check back here tomorrow for Jordan’s next Halloween reveal!

You can purchase a copy of THEODORA HENDRIX AND THE MONSTROUS LEAGUE OF MONSTERS here, or wherever good books are sold!

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